1. How do I know if I am eligible for the Alternative Baccalaureate Route to Certification?

You must meet one of three requirements.  1. You must have the appropriate college degree in the subject to be taught, OR 2. you must meet what is known as the 32/19 rule of college courses (See question 2 below).  OR you must have passing scores on the Praxis II Exam in the subject in which you will teach.

     2a. How do I count my hours when trying to determine if I meet the state mandated 32/19 criteria?

  • You must use semester hours.  Multiply quarter hours by 2/3 to get semester hours. 
  • Upper division = 300 level (junior) or higher
  • If you want to teach general science you must have at least one course (at any level) in each of the following areas in order to count all science courses:
               Life (biology)
               Physical (chemistry)
               Earth/space (geology, astronomy)

                   However, if you have an academic major in one of the areas named above,
                   you can still be hired as long as the vacancy is in that area.  In other words,
                   we can hire a biology major to teach biology or middle school science even if
                   she doesn't have a geology course.

2b.  I am an engineer and I do not meet the 32/19.  Could I still be eligible to teach math?  

YES!!  You need to register for and take the Praxis II (0061) Mathematics Content Knowledge. The passing score needed is 126.

      3.  Which Praxis II test should I register for?

  • Math teachers should register for the mathematics content knowledge test:  Code 0061.You need a passing score of 126.
  • Science teachers:
    -If you have a science course from each of the four areas named above in #1 (life, physical, physics, and earth/space), you should register for the general science content knowledge test: Code 0435.
    -If you do not have all the courses required for general science, you should register for the test where your academic major lies:Biology 0235 or Chemistry 0245.  There is not an earth/space certificate, so someone with a degree in geology would have to be eligible for a certificate in general science and take the general science test.

     4.  How do I register for the Alabama Prospective Teacher Test?

   5.  How do I apply for the Alternative Teaching Certificate?

You first apply to be a teacher in the Mobile County Public Schools.  We will recognize that you are a candidate for the Alternative Certificate Route to Certification.  If you complete the online application and haven't heard from us, contact our office at 221-4515 to check your file and see if we can set up an interview.  You must, however, be recommended to be hired by a principal before you can participate in the Alternative Certificate Program.  We STRONGLY recommend that you have already taken the appropriate Praxis II.  We will assist you in applying for your Alternative Certificate.

     6.  Am I paid the same as a certified teacher?
Yes, you will be placed on the certified teacher salary schedule as a teacher with zero
          experience (unless you have taught in another public school system) at the highest
          educational level for which you have a degree. (Must be an accredited institution)

     7. How do I know whether or not I am Highly Qualified as required by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Federal Law?

If you meet the 32/19 criteria, have an academic major in math or science or achieved a passing score on the appropriate Praxis II Exam, you qualify for an alternative baccalaureate certificate.  The school system (LEA) must apply for an alternative certificate on the behalf of an individual.  An individual cannot apply without being hired for a teaching position in-field.

      8.  I have a friend who has a degree in a non-educational field, but it's not math or science.
          Could she get a job with the MCPSS?  

Possibly, but it depends on what their degree is in. We are required to hire properly certified teachers first.  We can hire applicants to be teachers following the Alternative Baccalaureate ONLY if we have a shortage of certified teachers.  Our shortage areas have been in MATH, SCIENCE and Foreign Languages and sometimes, fine arts, and business. 

For more information contact John Powell at Mobile County Public Schools, Human Resources Division. Phone: 251-221- 4590 Email: jpowell@mcpss.com